Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions of the Basket Mantra

- Hereinafter referred Basket Mantra -


This applies to all contractors and Basket Mantra users of online trading platform for Creative products, Art, Design and Handwork Basket Mantra.

These terms and conditions apply regardless of the question, in what way the customer/user has accessed the trading platform of Basket Mantra, and thus particularly for additions to other web sites that make access to the Basket Mantra trading platform possible.


§ 1 Duties of Basket Mantra

1. The Basket Mantra provides an Internet-based trading platform to all natural and legal persons available who have previously registered as a user.

2. The trading platform is intended solely for the provision of goods and services in the field of art, handicraft and design products where the offer or the acquisition does not violate legal regulations of the policy or morality.

3. Basket Mantra only provides the trading platform that is so even offer any services or products from the Creation area. Contractors of completed via the trading platform of Basket Mantra contracts are only the final contract respectively members. Basket Mantra therefore goes no further obligations; in particular the performance of contracts entered via the Basket Mantra trading platform contracts occurs exclusively between the contracting final members.


§ 2 Rights of Basket Mantra

1. Basket Mantra has the right to review the set on the trading platform offers about art objects, craftsmanship and design products and services on legality, regularity and accuracy, but is not obliged.

2. Basket Mantra is entitled to verify the deposit paid by the users contact details and the respective exclude users for variations from the trading platform, regardless of whether the check has a true finding has led or not. It is up to the user to demonstrate the correctness of the information provided by him against contact Basket Mantra.

3. Basket Mantra is entitled to confine finding of an infringement by a user of statutory provisions, the terms and conditions or agreements entered into with Basket Mantra contract at his discretion the User's access to the market platform, delete offers or other content from a market platform, the user temporarily or definitively exclude from the market platform.

4. Basket Mantra is entitled to terminate the market platform for the purpose of maintenance. The same applies to the achievement of capacity limits or other technical problems. The user has no claim to compensation if by switching off the market platform, the above mentioned reasons a business fails.

5. Basket Mantra is not obligated to review the contact information provided by the users. The individual user can therefore no rights, in particular claims for damages against triangle derived for the case that the contact does not correspond to the facts. It is therefore for the user to verify the accuracy of the contact details of the contractor.

6. Basket Mantra has the right to remove any set of external users offers and content on the trading platform of Basket Mantra, as far as Basket Mantra is of the opinion that the offer or content that has been set by the user on the website of the Basket Mantra, breach of the law, morality or the terms and conditions Basket Mantra.


§ 3 Rights of the user

If you are a user as a consumer within the meaning of the Civil Code, you may revoke the consent to these General Terms and Conditions and hence the conclusion of the license agreement. The revocation must be in writing within one month after approval. To meet the deadline, it is sufficient if the revocation is dispatched on time.If the withdrawal time, you are not bound by the license agreement concluded with Basket Mantra still in your declaration of consent to the Terms and Conditions. However, the right of you is to stop once you have used the marketplace, i.e. either an offer or set completed to such an offer through a contract. The revocation must be sent to the following address:

Basket Mantra

302, 3rd floor, Konark towers,

Above Konark Diagnostic center,

Moosarambagh, Hyderabad, Telangana 500036, India. 

Customer Service:  info@basketmantra.com

Contact details:  +91 9819776709  (or)  +91 8097606641


§ 4 Admission Requirements

1. Before using the trading platform of the triangle of the respective user has to register as a member. Seller must also sign a user agreement with the Basket Mantra and pay the fixed sales commission of Basket Mantra.

2. Use open to all natural and legal persons. Individuals must be of legal age. Legal entities should in addition to their address data also a natural person who is authorized to represent the state.

3. The data requested by Basket Mantra personal data must be complete and accurate. The data retrieved from Basket Mantra change during the contract period, the user is required to correct the information accordingly in its use account.


§ 5 Severability Clause / Miscellaneous

1. Basket Mantra is entitled, at any time within a period of one month to change these terms and conditions before entry into force. The amended terms and conditions will be sent to the users by e-mail no later than 4 weeks prior to validity. Contradict a user within 14 days, the amended terms and conditions shall be deemed accepted.

2. If the foregoing provisions are or become invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a provision which reflects the economic purpose of the invalid provision.