About Basket Mantra

Basket mantra is a place where you can Buy & Sell handmade products, unique Indian crafts and Designer products even by customizing them. We (Basketmantra) publish high quality unique articrafts. Once step-in this world you will fall in love with the products designed by our artisan’s you will never step out. BASKET MANTRA Connects creations and bringing craftsmanship's work at your doorsteps.


How it started.. ?enlightened

This all started by two weird people with a simple idea to bridge the gap between customers who love handicrafts and artisans who are dictators in the world of craftsmanship. 


Mission: Basketmantra’s mission is to bring true spirit and essence of Indian crafts at your door steps.


  • We keep our values by providing original products direct from artisans.
  • We encourage new innovations and ideas which will be represented to the world through Basketmantra.
  • Basket mantra tries to provide fare transactions and service between Artisans and Customers.


Why “Basket Mantra” ?

Any artisan can promote and sell their handicrafts by creating their own store in Basketmantra.

Basketmantra is a story teller of each Artisan by bringing their personal story of craftsmanship through digital media.   

India is a country having well diversified culture and innumerous craftsmen who are skilled in various craftsmanship’s their works are too affluent and astonishing. Basket Mantra’s moto is to introduce these diversified cultures to the world by bringing craftsmanship’s of different states (or) regions under single roof, in order to preserve Indian culture by promoting and encouraging Artisans.

Join your hands to empower Artisans and preserve our culture.



Handstitched by:

Sumanth Kollipara, Satish Chandra  &  Team Basket Mantra (Manikanta & Gireesh)