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I’ve been in my element this weekend as I’ve been wanting to make a pressed flower lampshade for so long now and this weekend I finally got around to it! I couldn't find a good tutorial for this so I'm really pleased I've been able to create one for you in Basket MantraThis is such a lovely project as not only does it bring mother nature into our homes, it also looks absolutely stunning lit up in all it's glory. Anything goes for this project, as long the petals or leaves are dry and pressed completely flat. You could use autumn leaves, summer grasses, or flower petals … and if you don’t want to pick flowers, you could always order some that are already pressed online or pop into your local florists and press the petals yourself in a flower press or heavy book.  

Creation artifacts - Detailed information about above creation

You need following materials: 

  1. A lampshade
  2. Natural handmade tissue paper 
  3. Pressed petals or leaves 
  4. Small tin clear varnish - in gloss
  5. Small tin clear varnish - in matt.
  6. Spray adhesive
  7. Glue gun



                                                         Step 1.

Press your flowers or leaves, as they need to be completely dry and flat. (Some of my leaves were a little bumpy and they didn't look as good as the super flat ones.) Now before we add our leaves lets make a nice base to work on. To do this, simply tear a few large pieces from the handmade paper, spray the lamp with the adhesive glue and begin to smooth each piece of paper onto the lamp, right side up ... continue doing this until the whole lamp is covered. This adhesive doesn’t dry super fast so you will have time to smooth out any bubbles as you go, and don't worry about the edges just yet. 


                                                       Step 2.

Now use your glue gun on the inside rim, to smooth and secure the edges over at either end. Then it's time for the fun part - one at a time, give the petals a spritz with the adhesive and begin fixing your petals to the lampshade from the bottom of the lampshade upwards.  Putting the bigger leaves at the bottom and the dainty ones at the top keeps it nicely balanced. 


                                                        Step 3:

Now roughly tear up some more tissue paper into large pieces. Then when all petals are fixed in place, give a section of the lamp a coat with clear gloss varnish and apply a piece of tissue paper onto the wet gloss, and smooth it down with another coat of varnish on top of the paper and continue do this  - working your way around the lamp until the whole shade is covered with paper. You’ll notice the gloss makes the paper becomes almost transparent. Leave it to dry. Once dry, if your happy with your shade give it a final coat with the MATT varnish OR if you'd like to add another layer of tissue paper as I have done then go ahead, then when dry, finish with a coat of matt varnish. 







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