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One of my friend "AVINASH" loves to be creative and express his arts in the form of awesome GREETING CARDS. Here are his works, hope you will love it. 

yOu JuSt eXpReSs YoUr FeLlInGs...and the rest is our responsibilty...to convey them to your dear ones in a heart touching manner       "Love birth" and "Her " Birthday perfect occasion to gift a Scrapbook...    

Creation artifacts - Detailed information about above creation

Handmade Greeting crad: Handmade greeting cards needs so much efforts and time consuming but at the end results are awesome and your dearest one will definitely love it. This is the way you express your feelings and make your buddy feel comfortable. 

Here are some more images which will show you my design ... In upcoming post I will come up with design portfolio which will show real efforsts behind this making. 


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