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A well design handmade lamp can be made in simple steps, The look and feel will be great after work out. Please look into design. 

Creation artifacts - Detailed information about above creation

Take a wood log as shown in below image.

Take a nob and measure it accurately, so that we need to make a hold to Wood LOG with same measurement. 

Drill the wood block and press with a spade bit to bore a hole through to the bottom of the log.

Again drilled a hole from the side in to the center hole for the cord.

Insert the fitting into the top and pushed the cord into the hole on the side, up the center and out through the fitting.

After feeding the cord up through the lamp rod, twist that into the fitting, then screwed on the socket cap.

The next step was to attach the wires on both sides with the terminal screws.

Gently pulled the cord from the bottom until the top piece was in place, then snapped on the socket shell. After we are sure with everything was in place, pull the fitting out of the lamp and wrapped it in Teflon tape.

Finally place a holder on top of lamp and light it...!


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